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A simple but sensational blend of two words (Brazil and Brilliant), used to express extreme delight without using tired words like awesome, cool, excellent, and sweet. It also incorporates one of the worlds most exotic nationalities causing you to think of beautiful women, sunny beaches and world class soccer. As an added bonus it's fun to say.
Surfer Dude #1: Man check out that babe! Is she hot or what?!
Surfer Dude #2: Brazilliant Dude! 100% Brazilliant!
by Flatkins April 28, 2009
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Something that's brilliant with Brazilian origins.
Pele was a brazilliant footballer.
by Scipio13 January 07, 2011
Describes an angering, frustrating real-world situation that is exceedingly similar to one from the film Brazil by Terry Gilliam.
"I have to fill out ANOTHER form?!!! That's just Brazilliant!!!"
"I've got a Brazilliant idea: Let's wage war with an enemy we can't see!"
by salu1999 February 16, 2008
A display of skill or flair comparable to the actual Brazilian national soccer team; usually used while playing Fifa 12.
Eric: "Damn, that last run with Ronaldinho was Brazilliant"
Matt: "Yeah whatever, my goalie was just way too shway to be fooled by your shot"
by Niggerrachi January 13, 2012
A combination of the words brazen and brilliant. Used to define something or someone ballsy and intelligent. Can also be used as a noun: brazilliance.
It was brazilliant the way she convinced them she was innocent.
by Margarita P September 06, 2007
Brilliant plus a waxed bald vagina and a willingness to take it in the dumper.
Angelina Jolie is a brazilliant actress.
by badplacebo September 24, 2008

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