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Movie genre first appearing in the 1980's where extensive or extravagant computer-generated imagery (CGI) results in a mainstream film that is akin to a sexually pornographic film, where the outline of the film consists of numerous sexual acts, tied together with a flimsy plot, often with comically bad segues. CGI porn, like sex porn is written knowing that the target audience does not care if there is a plot, as they are just waiting to masturbate during the next scene. Audience masturbation during CGI porn may or may not involve stroking of the penis, but is usually accompanied by similar vocalizations.

Can also refer to individual segments of feature films or shorts that were obviously written solely for the enjoyment of the CGI staff (aka CAD jockeys).
Tron (1982) and Last Starfighter (1984) were the earliest feature-length CGI films, but The Matrix is a much more definitive example of CGI Porn.
by salu1999 February 15, 2008
Old Brit term for parking yourself at a bar, the reference implying that you and your pub-mates become decorations on the bar, which are often built with a slab of mahogany wood.
Well, it's beer-o-clock, let's go decorating mahogany!
by salu1999 May 24, 2010
When a person becomes convinced that they are the only one doing any work, and that no one else deserves any reward in the end.
Jeesh, I'm so sick of Lisa and her Little Red Hen Complex. If she'd ever pull her head out of her ass, she might notice how much we carry her ass!
by salu1999 August 05, 2008
AKA Dead Media, Obsolete Tech, Old School, Outdated.

Any product or technology that has begun to vanish from production and/or use.
Floppy disks, typewriters, VHS tapes, film cameras, and lead-based paints are all products that have begun to vanish in recent history, though they may never completely go away.

Kevin Kelley has demonstrated how even ancient tools and products, such as horse-drawn plows and prehistoric knives are still being made today, but have vanished from popular use.

Sometimes products vanish as they converge into other products. Fewer people carry PDAs as cellphones have begun offering that capability, and pocket radios merged into separate products - the car stereo and the portable stereo (boombox).

In some cases, Vanishware may make comebacks, such as the vinyl record or electric car.
Steam Car
VHS Tape
Rotary Phone
Smart Media flash card
Zip Disk
Floppy Disk
Car Phone
Desktop PC
"I can't get bigger memory for my camera since Smart Media became Vanishware"
by salu1999 February 16, 2008
Person or group who neurotically harrasses you to wear a helmet on your bike, even though riding in a car, carrying laundry down stairs, or just walking across a street statistically causes more serious or fatal head injuries every year.
God, that Helmet Nazi Kathy was practically foaming at the mouth when I told her I didn't need headgear!
by salu1999 September 21, 2011
Making of products in a specific region or country, for use by people in that region or country. Locafacturing is typically smaller, but more nimble to adapt to changes in the market or consumer preferences.
The Half Acre Brewery in Chicago is a damn tasty example of locafacturing.
by salu1999 February 09, 2011
Combination of retro and regurgitation. Refers to product styling bestowed upon a product that just needs to be killed because it has not evolved, and the designers and marketing dept have run out of new ideas, so they just drag out 40 year-old photos, and say "here, let's just do this again".

Typified by recent versions of the Cooper Mini, Mustang, Beetle, Charger, and the PT Cruiser/Chevy HHR separated-at-birth twins.
Hey, check out my 'new' Air Jordans!

Uggg. Serious retroGURGitation. I'm gonna heave....
by salu1999 April 26, 2009
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