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bum-rape - or suprise sex administered up the old harris
abbrivated with hilarious consequences.
i'm gonna brape you, you old slag
by Barry Onions May 04, 2006
Blackberry Messenger(BBM) Rape, Where someone takes someones Blackberry and changes things in BBM. (Similar to 'Frape') It usually consists of sending a 'Broadcast Message' to all of the persons contacts, or changing their status.

Can also be used as a verb:
Brape, Braped etc.
Got your broadcast, are you going out with Lewis then?
Nah, someone braped me :/
by 7ewis March 17, 2011
bum rape, the act of raping sumone by sexual penertration of the ass hole. Commonly preformed by gay rapists.
Bob (playing a game): "Dude I just braped you!"
Tom: "Thats not funny man my uncle got braped when he was 17"
Bob: .....oh......sorry
by Dyldo Baggins June 09, 2009
Simulating homosexual activity between close friends, aggresively groping between to male heterosexual friends, bro rape bromosexual
"My dog, I haven't seen you in forever" (Grabs and dry humps)

"Don't brape me yo, damn!"
by Colorform August 12, 2012
To beat and rape someone. The ignominious double whammy.
John is a very bad man, he's been convicted of 4 counts of brape.

Dude, how hard would you brape that?
Form of physical assault which is initiated by one or more persons against another person without that person's consent. The act may be carried out by physical force, coercion, abuse of authority or with a person who is incapable of valid consent. The act involves inserting a finger (or other extremity) into the navel (belly button) of the victim, and wiggling. Often performed with a wet finger or penis.
I'm going to brape you!

Eric, stop braping me!
by 04housemat July 01, 2011
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