This person may well be the quintessence of awesome. If you happen to meet a Brandy of the Youngson variety, be sure to add her to your circle of friends as quickly as possible. Failure to do so will result in a severe lack of Blokus, a pathetic library of known movies, a bland tase in music, and just an all around more boring life.
Friend #1:On a scale of 1 - 10, how awesome is Brandy?
Friend #2: I dunno, I stopped keeping track around 21 or so.
by Aestuo November 23, 2012
A girl that is very beautiful but has no self confidence and is very shy because eveyone leaves her. She is worth every minute but feels like she is worth nothing.
Boy1: this girl brandy doesnt know how amazing and beautiful she is.
Boy2: only if she saw herself through my eyes
by The truth from a girl March 11, 2015
1. an actress, R&B singer, songwriter, and record producer. Starred in the television series Moesha. she is the sister of Ray J, and cousin of Snoop Dogg. Her biggest single was "The Boy Is Mine" a R&B duet with R&B singer Monica. the song reached number 1 in the US Bill Board 100. It is from her second album "Never Say Never".

2. a type of alcohol
1. Yo did you know Brandy killed someone? im serious is was a car accident though.

2. Damn i need a Brandy right now to drunk the night off
by Faizan December 06, 2007
Brandy is the most stunning girl,she can be a bitch most of the time but you still love her she is beatiful , caring and the most perfect girl also smart ,but can be wild
I wish I could have that brandy
by Brandy lover August 07, 2015
A kind of hard liquor distilled from wine.
It looks lke whiskey.
It smells like whiskey.
It tastes like whiskey.
You could put brandy in a whiskey bottle or whiskey in a brandy bottle and sell it and few people would notice.
For some reason, the cheap kind (such as E&J) has a WASPy connotation, but the expensive stuff (Hennesy cognac, made in France) is mostly drunk by black people and is talked about a lot in rap videos.
White guy: I got drunk on brandy last night.
Black guy: You mean like Hennessy?
White guy: Naw, E&J.
Black guy: E&J?! What the hell kinda cracker shit is that?!
White guy: That's all we got at my house.
by Mr. Dirtweed April 15, 2006
It is when a lady (term used loosely) asks you to "roll over for mamma" meaning a guy being on the receiving end of some unpleasant ass play. The kind that requires all the kings Vaseline to make work.
I gave him the “Brandy” last night.

He ass-gasmed from the “Brandy” last night and now I have to wash the sheets.

He is walking funny because I “Brandied” him the other day.
by mr nasty182 January 19, 2012
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