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Is when the water from a freshwater river meets with an ocean, like in a bay, the water is usually brackish.
It's a mixture of salt water and fresh, dumbasses.
by Leiko October 07, 2004
1. A song that the band Kittie performs.

2. A nasty salty taste
1. "Woah! Kittie played Brackish last night and it kicked ass!!"

2. "Oh, sick! This water is brackish!"
by Lauren "Hot Karl" February 13, 2004
A little ghetto, a little wigger. But, all in all just plain dirty.
Damn, that skank is brackish as a mofo
by T O Double D October 07, 2014
The sensation one recieves in one's mouth when tasting testicals or the testicular region.
Female - These are so brackish, when have you last washed them?
Male - Shut up bitch and suck my balls.
by BrackishBalls101 February 08, 2011
Drinking a diluted beverage ie Hi Juice which has been made to a very weak and watery standard.
This Hi Juice is Brackish!
by Purple June 27, 2003
The word brackish simply means repulsive.
All you malignant pieces of filth are so brackish.
by Shadow of a Man February 23, 2004
salty juices, unpleasant to drink, extremely salty,
while i was pleasuring him by sucking his dick, i began to taste his brackish fluids enter my mouth.
by KerriAnn November 01, 2006
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