A sport for people who are incapable of fighting while wearing skates (see hockey)
Any hockey player could kick that boxer's ass
by FatElvis May 17, 2004
An excellent sport that requires much conditioning, quick thought, footwork, and ambition (heart). Can and will defeat anyone that trains with katas and board breaking. Shovel your krotty somewhere else.

Satus, you suck. A hug? It's called a clinch, and it's only a quick way to get a rest. Let's face it, you would too if you spent the last five rounds giving and receiving shovel hooks. Additionally, there's a ton of different punches, and if you don't like to dodge stuff, you can take it in the face instead. (twss warning) There have been many records of boxers defeating TKD and Karate practitioners,(BJJ has problems closing) and doubtless you would go down rather quickly yourself. Punch Drunk only happens to stupid people, and the sport requires a ton of thought and strength.
Person #1: Wow. Look at that guy boxing!
Person #2: He sure kicks ass.
Person #3: Indeed. I'm signing up for classes myself.
Persons #s 1+2: Cool.
by Anonymous9930 July 10, 2008
a sport that i participate in so i know what im talking about.....two people who way about the same fight using only thier hands which are covered by gloves....this takes place in a boxing ring which is a roped off square like thing ....you can win by either a knockout or earning more points than the other person.....this sport is super physical and isnt easy at all....u have to be dedicated.....alot depends on your conditioning caz trust me each round feels like it lasts an hour instead of three minutes
boxing has always been my favorite sport and thats why i do it
by (insert cool name here) March 22, 2006
totally barbaric, sick, idiotic sport that has two half naked men try to punch the other one until he is uncounscious. some call it "discipline", and "honour". i call it "evolve"
mike tyson is a very good reason why women should be left with the option to terminate a pregnancy
by HH73 March 06, 2004
A sport that is stupid. It is stupid because it involves two barely dressed men trying to punch eachother, and then right in the middle of the "fight", they hug. All the two fighters can do is punch and dodge. No kicks, no grappling, only punching. So, it takes a really long time to knock someone out in boxing.
Boxing is... dumb.
by Satus April 30, 2004
boxing is dumb... whats so good about two guys trying to knock the other out?
Boxer 1: look a bear!
Boxer 2: where?
boxer 1: *whack*
Refferee: 1, 2, 3, we have a winner!!!
bell: ding ding
by jimmy smith April 03, 2005
One of the most hardest fucking sports.
by Mr.X May 08, 2003

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