One of the greatest sports of all time. Boxing requires greats skill and reflexes as well as physical and mental strength.
The pussy whined about how boxing is dangerous and everyone who participates in it will be brain dead.
by bigroach1357 August 25, 2006
An extremely physical sport in which two men who weigh nearly the same fight each other in hand to hand combat. Usually little pansies that can't box bash it. There is a chance of developing something called "punch drunk" syndrome where you develop slurred speach, and loss of coordination and motor skills but usually only boxers who get hit alot (pro boxer) develop this. There is also a small chance of death.

Fatality rates per 100,000 participants

Hang gliding.............55
Scuba diving............11
Motorcycle racing......7
College football..........3

Cited in Cantu, Boxing and Medicine, Human Kinetics Illinois, 1995
Mike Tyson has been boxing way too long and has lost more brain cells than he can count.
by Aidyn April 16, 2005
A very hard sport, and one of the few sports thats actually worth the time and effort you put into it. In boxing you learn how to kick someone's ass, defend yourself, and helps you gain self confidence and discipline. Baseball, football, soccer, teaches you good at baseball, football or soccer. Also, it's an individual sport, so you don't have to worry about your team sucking balls. And believe it or not, you don't get injured as much in boxing as you do in other sports.
I played football before I started boxing for three years, and all I got was a torn shoulder and the chance to get bitched on by coaches and older players every day. And I still sucked as a lineman because I'm not fat and short. And my team lost like every game no matter what I did. Man, FUCK THAT SHIT!
by CRACKER! August 01, 2006

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