The art of one woman battering her box vagina against another womans box in a mohammnad ali style.

Boxing can also be done without gloves (ie no protection).
"...I walked into the room and two women were on the bed boxing with their gloves off."
by vernon190374 May 25, 2007
A sport played by two men or women, in a series of rounds lasting two minutes, where the boxers hit their opponents face or chest, until the opponent is knocked unconscious for 10 seconds.

This is the only sport requiring a win from knocking another unconconscious. It is also a dangerous sport, with a good chance of retiring early with a permanently damaged brain.
Matilda is leading a campaign to have Boxing banned and made illegal.
by Kerb November 27, 2004
A recent phenomenon where teenage girls hide cellular phones in their panties to avoid them being confiscated in schools where the use of such devices has been banned. In a few extreme cases, the phones have actually been inserted into the vagina. Also known as "pinking", "clamming" or "cooching"
Steve: Fuck man, ever since the administration banned cells in school, Tiffany's been boxing my phone in every day...she's so fucking awesome...

Dave: Damn, I wish I had a chick who would be cool with pinking my PDA....

Larry: If her cooch was big enough to stuff your PDA in, with your tiny dick, fucking her would be like tossing a hot dog down a hallway.

Dave: Fuck you man, at least she wouldn't be cooching every other guy's "phones" like your bitch.

Steve: Uh, we're still talking about phones in pussies, right?

Dave/Larry: Shut the fuck up, dude.
by Rob@Sea October 06, 2007
Greatest sport of all time, involves great mental and physical strength. The sweet science.
Where you off to son? Boxing bitch!
by phattest of the phat April 26, 2005
"One of the most hardest fucking sports."

A sport Mr X has obviously been competing in for too long in, judging by his poor grasp of the English language.
"Mr X makes his living by boxing. hBy the time he's 27 he's going to be practically brain-dead."
by Johnny Pot Smoker September 03, 2003
A sport that involves two sweaty, muscley guys in satin underpants fight over a belt.
by Cimmerian Southpaw October 09, 2003
Boxing is without a doubt the hardest thing you could ever undertake. Boxing bouts can last from 3 rounds of 2 minutes up to 12 rounds of 3 minutes. opponents are matched with people of similar weight (often no more than 3 or 4 kilograms apart.) Boxing requires enormous skill, strength, speed, reflexes, agility and incredible physical and mental toughness. People who claim karate/other martial arts are better because you can kick and grapple are stupid. Boxers are better movers and possess much more speed, strength etc..than any other martial arts practitioners, and this is the reason boxing is great- it is a technically simple sport that is still a science and an art and something you need incredible physical attributes to do.
Taekwondo guy tries to kick a person who does boxing in the face, boxer ducks and hits taekwondo guy with a hard combo to the body, taekwondo guy falls to ground and cries.
by boganzrockthehouse November 19, 2007

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