Going Down on a skinny white chick.
Did you see where Dante went?

-Yeah he just peaced with that white girl

Oh shit, he's boxing tonight.
by Dante C.K December 15, 2010
Where a person or persons normally outdoors, attempt to slam an empty cardboard box over the head of an unknowing pedestrian, then successfully running away.
Do you fancy doin' some boxing tonight?

Scared Man: That looks nothing like a dragon?!!
Boxers: he's seen us...'BOX' 'IM NOW!
by Donkey Kong01 February 07, 2008
To smoke weed in a car with closed windows to keep the smoke inside the car.
Pothead A:Don't open the window
Pothead B:Oh, we're boxing?
Pothead A:Ofcourse
by MOCO THUG February 15, 2006
searching for boxes to put your S in. often done late at night just before packing to move. may involve dumpster diving.
I went boxing last night and scored some top-notch milk crates. they're stackable!
by MV June 30, 2001
boxing is the act or eating out a girl
the chick said to me eat my box bitch i said hells no I am not boxing on you
by killa bs November 03, 2006
On the server of "Era," a server apart of a dozen other similar ones (Ex. Unholy Nation, Legends, etc.) under the main MMORPG called Graal (www.graalonline.com), boxing is what occurs when multiple people gather around an entrance inside a building and form a box shape to deny intruders entry and ultimately, waste them with rounds.
Graalian01: Box that entrance.. Someones outside the door.

Graalian02: Right. Someone help me box.
by Barrehn March 25, 2005
A game played between two people, one being male, in which the male recieves multiple blows to the head, a.k.a. a blowjob.
Me and Nikita went 15 rounds in a boxing match and I busted a twinkie on her face.
by S Compton (The man) March 11, 2005

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