The Bowler is one half of the "bowler and batsman" team in
a gay relationship. During anal sex the bowler is the one
at the back. See also Batsman
Cricket metaphor to imply homosexuality
A) Ha ha ha ha, yeah those guys, too right my friend
b) which one of them is the bowler and which is the batsman?
A) I dunno but I've heard theyre playing for England.

by Danny Kaye September 21, 2006
a snitch, or a faggy bitch, bowlers are usually little pussys who are annoyed by everything and snitch on everything.
That fag issuch a bowler.
Hes such a bowler, he tells on everybody.
by Gando"G"Phett May 21, 2005
A white, black, brown or yellow person (basically anyone human) that is pure trash & gross. AKA: "white trash!" Think about it, how many classy people do you know that actually bowl. Enough said!
Look at that ol' bowler driving that jalopy. OR

Check out that bowler with only one tooth.
by SAJohnnyB July 27, 2005

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