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Boshi, a blue Yoshi from Super Mario RPG.
Yoshi: Why do you steal all my cookies? You dont even eat them!
by lolcaks November 19, 2008
Very relaxed slang term for "bullshit." Especially used when there is need for discretion.
These new chat room rules are boshi.
by Wes-Lee October 04, 2007
Any homosexual male prostitute who works for cheap.
"Oh, man, that's gross. That guy is totally picking up a Boshi!"
by Alex November 24, 2003
A blueish, reptilian being attracted to others of its gender. Often associated with prostitution, a Boshi may be looked down upon my its peers.
"I wonder how much that Boshi charges per hour..."
"Dude... sick."
by Cat November 26, 2003

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