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Performing oral sex on the rear end (Bombays).

Term made up by radio personality "The Greaseman" in order to describe the action without retribution from the FCC.

Something 99% of women wont ask for but wont want you to stop doing.
I was feasting the yeast when the opportunity for a little boscolingus came about.
by Philvis December 17, 2007
it is the act of a man sticking his tongue in your poop hole.
she told me to preform cunnilingous and tounge her pussy, instead I gave her boscolingus and tounged her butt hole.
by GD Daddy for Trixy December 01, 2012
The act of licking someones asshole for pleasure
As I lay on my stomach my lover proceeds to slowly spread my cheeks and starts to perform Boscolingus on me.
by Ponse January 31, 2011