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A boozie is another word for someone supa-fly. It has nothing to do with booze, or anything else like that. (Drugs, Alchohol, Sex, and more drugs) It is clearly a lovely compliment to give someone. The person who recieves the compliment should be overjoyed with glee.
by RAYDAWGGG January 08, 2010
50 29
A girl (usually black) who is a laid back, and or carefree. Boozie chicks usually enjoy getting their drink on.
Damn! check out that boozie hood chick.
by Juan Gutierezz August 13, 2010
41 25
a popular group of well dressed females; they love to have fun with and without alcohol and primarily dance on tables; they can turn any party into a dance party;
I love to party with the Boozies! They know how to have a good time!
by boozielvr January 31, 2010
48 43
Boozie is another term for blowjob. When a girl performs oral sex on a man with her mouth.
Did you get Boozie off that girl last night?
by mroeks August 10, 2012
5 6
bullshit; something gay.
dawg, that's some boozie!
i ain't no boozie.
by J.HERR June 09, 2007
20 67