A hard kick to the head, using one's foot or shin.
Chuck Liddell won that fight by booyah
by mudguts February 23, 2004
Used on Sportscenter, originally said by Stewert Scott. Used when an athlete makes an extremly good play.
(Sox down by 3 with bases jucied, Nomar comes up hits homerun)
(Next day on Sportscenter)
Stewert Scott: And here comes Nomah up to bat, he swings, BOO YAH grand slam soc win.
by dcash February 12, 2003
Not just a word, it's a way of life. It is a religion and a philosophy.
And God so loved the world, he gave it boo yah to save it.

In the beginning there was boo yah. And the Boo yah was good.
by Paco Rodriguez May 12, 2003
A word used by Ron Stoppable and his Naked Mole Rat-Rufus, in the Cartoon TV Series "Kim Possible", when he beats someone during a compitition or other stuff!
by Lars Honeytoast September 26, 2003
An adjective used as a fuck you cunt/bitch
Hey thats my carpark...*BOO YAH!*
Allright allright there is no need for that, you can have it seeesh
by Risky July 18, 2003
The way people from the Southern US say; "great" or "fantastic". Mostly the male portion of the population. Most frequently used when a positive accomplishment has taken place. This is not necessarily something they have achieved personally though.
1. What someone says just before they lose the democratic nomination for president. BOO-YAH!

2. What Hillary Clinton has never felt enough emotion to say out loud.

3. What we all hope she will say, and pray #1 is true, so we don't have to live with #2.

Other Use Examples:

It can also be used when a foe or enemy has been vanquished in some way.

At a sporting event when the opposing team does poorly.

When the neighbors beagle stops howling.

When your second wife leaves you but doesn't take all your stuff.
by Tom Lynch November 13, 2006
A chant of pride and great joy usually said after saying the phrase "Go Warriors" at Waubonsie valley
The WV student yelled "Go Warriors! Boo-Yah!"
by Myke Vizzle December 12, 2006

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