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To get into a college illegitimately.
Wow- That girl with a 880 SAT just fried her way into Stanford.
by negative action April 06, 2005
A very attractive male/female that you really want to have sex with. It is spelled ie instead of y so its not mistaken with the term fry, meaning to insult/diss.
"She is so hot, I want to frie her so bad."
by Dillon Cock January 25, 2010
To use illegitimate means, specifically a proper combination of ethnic background and the corrupt college admissions process, to get ahead in life
Jack scored over 100 points higher than Jill on the SATs but now Jill is in Harvard and Jack goes to Vanderbilt. If only he was black, Hawaiian, Native American and a lesbian like Jill was. Then he could've fried his way into college too...
by Jack (see example) September 06, 2005
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