person 1: "you momma got a sexy ass going on"
by Lily Allen BABA October 19, 2011
Any girl when you are drunk
after a couple beers that fat whore is bootylicious
by Apugs May 19, 2004
louis tomlinson
his bum is massive, so bootylicious
by 69withharry April 29, 2012
aword honkies use when they see a fine ass black girl.
Dawm! christine is bootylicious!
by Cajun man December 15, 2003
1. Term used to describe one (often a chav or charver) who frequents a car boot sale (or "booty")in the UK, with the intention of procuring a "knocked off" or "chipped" NTL cable box.
"Si and Dom are such bootilicious chavs - it makes me sick".
by G4V October 04, 2004
Black for fit - with a big ass
That "biatch" is bootylicious, Trisha Booogle booogle.
by Seaman Stains January 27, 2007
Indeed, the term 'bootylicious' is someone that is sexy, but not in the fact that they have sexy physical features, but that they feel comfortable with their bodies and feel sexy.
"Shaniqua isn't the prettiest, but she's so comfortable with herself, she's bootylicious!"
by Julian Garcia August 01, 2005

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