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Someone who is regularly booning.
He is such a booner.
by Bob & Lundy August 04, 2010
7 7
Usually lower class Australian male that can be identified by his tight jeans and black heavy metal t-shirt. Also know to be sporting a mullet, smoking winnie reds and starting fights while drinking.
Hey have a look at that booner beating beating up his wife!
by AIMone March 11, 2003
104 41
an australian insult used for people of below average intelligence
tell them booner caketakers to piss off back to australia
by adam h March 01, 2005
53 33
an erection achieved from watching either of the boondock saints movies. far more ferocious than your average erection
last christmas my family decided to put on boondock saints after dinner. i had to run from the house to hide my booner
by missiledick June 20, 2011
15 7
An accurate description of any person of native African-American or prime-African origin; usually accompanied by a notable IQ deficiency, a foul smell of sweat and filth and engorged lips, feet and backside. Occasionally, this definition can extend to presume a bone protruding from the proboscis and a mountainous or voluminous projection of Velcro hair. Thieving amongst Booners is rank and to be assumed, as is violence, asocial behavior, rap, and clan-like unity on "da streets" or in "da hood". See also Nigga / Nigger / Obama / Oprah
I know we're in the sewers, but it doesn't smell as bad as a buncha booners!
by SeeJayEm April 20, 2009
72 64
Pejorative word for an African-American.
Buncha booners hangin' around by the barber shop.
by octopod June 27, 2004
54 48
Slang term for a Spliff
'have a toke on this tasty booner'
by James0311 December 22, 2008
21 16
Booner is a merging of the words "boat" and "hoon".

(pronounced /bu: ner/ like Boone's Farm fine wines)

In Australia, a hoon is a lout who drives like an asshole. Hoon is used to refer to one who drives a car or boat in a manner which is anti-social by the standards of contemporary society, i.e. too fast, too noisily or too dangerously.

Boner is a slang term for erection, like as a typical Booner would say, "driving a fast boat gives me a boner".

Schooner is a old schooly nautical term for a type of sail boat. Sail boaters that harass the public waters can also be booners. Schooner rhymes with booner.
That asshole ripping it up on the jet-ski sure is a fucking booner.
by Canoe Snob of Minnesota August 22, 2013
1 0