The colorful plastic lace one uses to make lanyards, key fobs, handcrafted wallets and purses, etc.
Is that counselor in some kind of a knotwork contest? Look at all those complicated knots in that boondoggle whistle lanyard he's wearing!
by pentozali March 03, 2006
Sneaking up on a woman from behind and groping her
Sally was at the watercooler when I rolled up on her and laid down the boondoggle. Damn that bitch had some spring in those titties.
by Adameat April 26, 2007
An extravagant masturbatory extravaganza proving you are a complete jack ass.
Boy, after that boondoggle, I just pict up and movied.
by KR November 01, 2004
B.O.G. word meaning uneccessary
You punching me in the damn head is boondoggle
by B.O.G. November 29, 2003
To have a messed up head; perplexed or confused.
Hey dawg, baby girl had me straight boondoggled.
by noc March 10, 2003
To have sex with a woman and intentionally leave her unsatisfied.

Can also be a "spurious boondoggle" when you have angry sex with her and then intentionally leave her unsatisfied.
"Dude, I finally hooked up with that tease and I gave her a boondoggle."

"Man, I banged my ex-girlfriend last night and I'm still so pissed at her I spuriously boondoggled her."
by Coasty March 05, 2009
One woman sits in an office chair simultaniously giving oral sex to one guy while another hits it from behind, randomly spinning the chair to switch holes. High fives are mamdatory.
jimmy and i boondoggled the shit out of sarah last night.
by Bullitt5576 January 09, 2009

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