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The sound you make when somebody discovers you in the janitor's closet.
"... What are you two doing..."
by Lydigan December 09, 2004
Boola (adj) is a term used to describe someone that is in a state of the unknown. It can be used to describe someone as being as stupid or uneducated on a subject matter, or simply unaware of things happening around them.
Cordelia: 'Tobias, what are you eating?'
Tobias: 'A kumquat.'

Cordelia: 'eww wtf is that??'

Tobias: "You don't know what a kumquat is? You're so fkn boola. Plug in, you ditz.'
by P-subz-dawgg May 27, 2016
A slang term for a hoomsexual, commonly used in Saint Lucia.
'Move from deh you boola!'

You are such a boola
by Wilsmiester February 09, 2010
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