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When you leave your facebook open and your friends post updates/change pictures.
Did you hear Kellen loves the cock? He posted it on facebook!" "Nah, Jared Book-Faced the shit outta him, although he may still love the cock anyways...
by Bonzo321 July 07, 2010
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The condition of having unintended negative consequences from interaction, comments, posts on social networking sites such as Facebook.

Social networking site blowback
That professor totally bookfaced themselves with those comments.

Headline: "Professor Suspended After Joke About Killing Students on Facebook"
by octopad March 05, 2010
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When you are so incredibly drunk your eyes glaze over and you start speaking like an un-educated football coach with a southern accent... No matter where you are from!
Bookfaced Person #1: Son do you have shit for brains
Sober Guy: Dude i just asked if you needed a ride home.

Example of a Bookfaced quote: piss on YOUUUU
by bucketkilla January 16, 2007
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