1. short for bourgeoisie
2. nickname for someone whose last name
is Boudreau
look at that kid with his AF jeans and Gap shirt - he's so booj
by chirs April 25, 2005
Top Definition
Booj = Be Original Or Jealous.
A scenario that is of high quality and uniqueness.
Can be used similar to "cheers" when raising a glass.
Or as a statement about something modern and unique - "That is SO BOOJ!"
A person that exudes these qualities is referred to as a "Boojer"
by Boojer December 23, 2012
A child's nonsense name for a beloved pet, similar to "binky" or "fluffy."
"I love my booj, he is the bestest kitty in the whole world."
by Peter December 12, 2003
The ejaculatory fluids making contact with the mamary glands. (boob+splooge=booj)
Yo man, i heard you boojed your woman the other day. Way to go dawg.
by Slut Sandwich January 24, 2005
A term used to define someones Boob Job/ breast implants. Often used when the person with the Booj is within ear shot.
Liz: ...omg Sam! Look! Booj! Booooooooooooj.

Sam: C'mon Liz don't talk about your Beau's mom like that!
by FakeTitties4U April 06, 2010
To give a girl anal and the sound when you pull out.
(OH OH OH) !BoOj! (Damn that was nasty)
by Iron Fox February 08, 2003
Booj - a person who thinks everyone else's work besides his is shit, He comes once a year to Cynical Online, destroys everyone's work, then leaves for a year again. He also tries to kill Graal Online servers by removing everyone's admin rights to prevent new recruits for admin. Has relations to Malinko, and likes to take over servers by hostile force and then leave.
Booj banned me. He would own all of you trolls who mark definitions to be deleted too.
by Superman22 April 23, 2005
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