A black person that acts like a white (black plus honky)
My friend Jeff is a nice guy, he's a bonky.
by Alex April 08, 2003
A bonky is a black person who acts overly white to fit into society, They usually speak with an extra white voice(a la Tony Gwynn or Bryant Gumbel)probably even whiter than most caucasions. They also usually only associate themselves with white people and white culture and are considered sellouts in the black community.
Robin Quivers has only white people at her parties, what a bonky.
by bukkake the porno clown November 02, 2007
Combined form of black and honky. Black person that pretends, wishes he/she was, or has the mentality of a white person.
That fucking bonky needs to look up their roots and act their colour.
by nikki beat March 06, 2005
A black person who acts white.
"I can't wait to play some tennis with you this weekend Billy," said the bonky.
by James B:o June 29, 2003
A person of african heritage who acts like a white person. See Will Smith.
Wayne Brady may look black, but this Bonky ain't fooling anyone.
by beau June 29, 2004
Bonky is a Black Honky
Tiger Woods, Brian Gumble (aka the ringleader), Reggie Miller, Avery Johnson, Tim Duncan....the list goes on...
by Stealonu April 29, 2003

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