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A portmanteau of 'Boner' and 'Onerous'. An adjective referring to a forboding sense of doom related to ones aroused state. Used to describe a boner that is bound cause the wearer some sort of trouble.
He felt a bonerous sensation coming along, as he stood there at the feminist rally.


He looked at his secretary and then at his trousers. Fully aware of the bonerous circumstances, he proceeded to spank dat ass.
by ElCappa August 20, 2012
of, or relating to a fully engorged penis. used as an adjective slang for a generally negative situation, occurance, or subsequent noun.
As the day passed, Germaine's mood became perpetually more and more bonerous, after his girlfriend was eaten alive by piranhas, merely out of spite.
by dire frivolity [AIM] May 26, 2005