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Exclamation, used in excitement of a fantastic thing that just happened.
Example: BOME! I just. Won 100 dollars!

Adjective, used to describe how well or fantastic you just did something.(bome'N)
Example: "dude, that golf shot was bome'N"

Verb, " I just Bomed that math test!" (Meaning you did a good job)

Or simply, I am BOME...because you're just an awesome person.
Bome is great to use during sports if you perform very well.
Bome is also performed in a gesture, called, the "BOME".
Dude, I just bome'd that math test.

Bome! My team just won the superbowl!

Bome! I just got a hole in one because the golf shot is bome'N
by wakelandbome May 04, 2009
Originated at Qatar International School, meaning someone who behaves in a retarded manner
"Stop being such a bome"
by Deddyyeyeye May 20, 2013
getting your balls domed.
she was giveing me some bome last night.
by falcon fire and analat0r April 12, 2007
A word used by a retarted Davison High School student who couldn't spell bomb.
"There is a bome in the building"
by Jake March 24, 2005

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