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Bombaclaat refers to an underwear. The root Bombo means ass, thus an ass cloth or underwear and not a tampon as some mistakingly say.
Most commonly used as a swear word in Jamaican society. It can be very offensive to some. It can also be used as an adjective like fcuk.
Me waan know wah do dis bombaclaat bwoy?!

Why the bombaclaat u don't leave me alone?!!!!
by beebs February 22, 2005
A curse word meaning "what the hell" or "oh shit" or "idiot"
A whey di Bombaclaat gal put mi shoes.
Bombaclaat, look whey just happen
by Daria February 28, 2004
1) A woman's bloody tampon.
2) A stupid person
3) A central term used in any persons recollection of jamaica, rastafarians, or a Sean Paul recording
'yeah the locals loved me, whenever they saw me they'd say "hey bombaclaat your wife wanna ride in me banana boat, seen", '
by anun January 28, 2004
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