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Brick shit-house,brick shithouse are also acceptable forms of spelling.

1) a stand alone sturdy toilet constructed from brick.
2) Simile - a large and/or muscular person
That person is built like a brick shit house
by anun January 28, 2004
That quantity of consumer appreciation that marketers, advertisers, politicians, and occaisionally teachers try and maintain in their audiences in order to focus nebulous collective attention.
'i maintained their interest in the solar powered nuclear fallout suit by showing them pictures of fried chicken'
by anun January 28, 2004
Pieces of euphemeral media and comestibles collected in the belief that the world as-we-know0it will soon end.
'Check it out; tinned beans, bowie knife, and a lifetime subscription to readers digest... i gots all the apocalyptica up in here'
by anun January 28, 2004
1) A woman's bloody tampon.
2) A stupid person
3) A central term used in any persons recollection of jamaica, rastafarians, or a Sean Paul recording
'yeah the locals loved me, whenever they saw me they'd say "hey bombaclaat your wife wanna ride in me banana boat, seen", '
by anun January 28, 2004

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