(verb) Informal - BO-mard
1.) To be knocked on ones ass repeatedly.
1.) Did you see David Carr get bomared on Monday Night Football?
2.) Chuck is such a pussy, he got bomared by a girl.
by jdhawk October 17, 2005
Top Definition
(Verb)~ To get beat up, laid out, blown up.
To be dominated in any athletic endeavor.
To be sacked as a quarterback in a football game and fumble the ball toward the opposing teams endzone making it easier for them to score.
"Did you see that linebacker straight bomar that guy?"

by Adam Belusko October 17, 2006
{obsolete] -- a brainy person. Originates from the Bomar Brain, an early electronic calculator of the 1970s.
Harry pulle an A in calculus -- he's a real bomar.
by Alan E February 27, 2004
To panic and thus cause unforseen negative event, such as a fumble, interception, or to lose one's cleats. End result is usually ending up on one's back and a certain loss.
Damnit, our quarterback just Bomared. Geez guys, I hope he doesn't Bowmar this play.
by The Superior School October 07, 2005
Bomar-(noun)corruption of boner, which is slang for erection. Used mostly for embarrassment purposes. Often used in High schools and public places, and said as loudly as possible.
Haha! You see that kid he has a BOMAR!
by Mike Hunt and Peter Enis September 21, 2007
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