male pleasure thingy
every one in irag loves the bologna pony-you mother fuckers
by Anonymous March 19, 2003
Top Definition
A Bologna Pony
The most exquisite american meat shaped into the lovely form of a pony

NOT VERY OFTEN referred to as a cock
Matt: Hey John, you see Jessica over there?
John: yea?
Matt: She rode the bologna pony all night loooong
John: *high five*
by Michael Martino May 20, 2008
It is another word used to describe a man's penis.
Jay: Hey Megan want to ride my bologna pony?

Megan: Not even if you paid me

Jay: Why not?

Megan: You have AIDS
by hear,the,black,birds,cry May 22, 2010
In essence, it is another name for the penis.
Hey baby, why don't you come over here and take a ride on the bologna pony?
by 5tephen July 23, 2008
a penus
she wants to ride the bologna pony
by kainmarko September 09, 2003
Body of Origin Dickn’balls Scandinavian

A man’s hard on is commonly known as this because of a pony’s specific conformation and temperament thus the bologna before it is sliced is a large spherical lunchmeat emulative of a male’s penis.
(Female) I am going to ride the bologna pony tonight!

(Male) Hey dude, you better hide your bologna pony it’s bulging out of the side of your gym shorts.
by Luncheonmeat1 January 27, 2010
see: fuzzy no no
AJ loves the bologna pony
by BOWZER July 27, 2003
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