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Body of Origin Dickn’balls Scandinavian

A man’s hard on is commonly known as this because of a pony’s specific conformation and temperament thus the bologna before it is sliced is a large spherical lunchmeat emulative of a male’s penis.
(Female) I am going to ride the bologna pony tonight!

(Male) Hey dude, you better hide your bologna pony it’s bulging out of the side of your gym shorts.
by Luncheonmeat1 January 27, 2010
Body of Origin Eastside Scandinavian

Not to be confused with acne this is a lot worse. It is so disgusing it makes one's body ache and fall to their knees in pain just by looking at it i.e: Achne

Achne -is large olive loaf boils that reside on the backs of Troll Faced Whores or any skanky dirty being. It resembles the texture of a rhinoceros’s behind and the consistency of puss balls of gew such as the cocoon transformation phase of a Magui into a full fledged evil Gremlin.
Did you see that chic with the achne on her back, I bet it would go great with two slices of bread and some mustard?

You better wear knee pads around that chick her achne so bad your femur and patella will break in two when you see it!

Hell boy stay away from that shit that aint acne that’s some stanky infected Achne (Ach-aN-Knee)!
by Luncheonmeat1 January 25, 2010
Origin Eastside Scandinavian

A physically unattractive disease that festers along the exterior of one’s skin most commonly found on back, pubic region, toes and face. The discolored skin tones resemble the olives and the red sores resemble the pimento core of the olive. It can be used in slang as “olive loaf”, not to be confused with the deli meat thus the appearance of the deli meat and ones irritated diseased skin will coincide. AKA: achne.
That dude has olive loaf acne all over his back he looks like a dirty martini!
Her olive loaf acne looked so bad even when she applied concealer to it, it ended up looking like uneven flesh puss pocket sandpaper resembling an rhinoceros hide.
See: achne
by Luncheonmeat1 January 25, 2010
Body of Origin eastside Eastside/Scandanavian

A slutty female with troll like features and “olive
loaf back acne” who trolls about the eastside or whores herself in a hobbit like nature while “trolling” in man folk. Not to be confused with an elf face whore that have enlarged ears or a pig faced whore who have an enlarged snout and swine like features. A troll faced whore will have distinct features of a supernatural creature one of a Scandanavian folklore displaying camel toe jeans, construction boots, exposed thongs and water bras. Thus the “trolling features” are included in this definition also take note a troll face whore will be i.e.” Trolling for men”- circulating moving around town unlike its ancestor the “troll” who is suppose to dwell in damp caves and mountains, masturbating silently. Which makes her a whore by her ancestry by flouting and stepping outside the “norm” of her cave for trolling while indulging in whorish activities sniffing out hobbits or unemployed men folk while embodying all the features of a "troll" herself making one a :Troll Faced Whore.
That Troll Faced Whore was hitting on my boyfried, I think her back zit poped in his face, she should go crawl back to her cave!
That Troll Faced Whore has been hooking and luring in men all night to bring back to her cave to fondle her camel toe.
Did you see Melissia that Troll Faced Whore? She must of just crawled out from her cave tonight to pick up on a deli contestant boy instead of her normal prey of hobbits, wizards and folk-lords.
by Luncheonmeat1 January 24, 2010

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