v. to steal, acquire, pilfer, snatch, swipe, or otherwise take subversively.
That guy bojangled my wallet!
by Mr. Bojangles July 21, 2004
to choke the chicken. To jerk off. To masturbate.
1) I'm gonna bojangle to sheep and elephants.
2) Stop bojangling you pervert.
by daluder November 08, 2007
Just a blow job

also refered to as bo jangs
I got me a bo jangles last night.

Dayum that hoe gave me a mean bo jangs.
by Mr. Jangles June 17, 2006
1. to chill on the blunt instead of passing it.

2. to do nothing
1. He's bojangling on that J. I think he hit it like 6 times already.

2. You bojangle around your house instead of going out and partying.
by Nice Place, Nigga June 07, 2005
something subpar, ghetto, not cool
"Your credit card got stolen! That's bojangle."
by Sarah123456 June 13, 2008
To make out with someone.
Lauren: omgz you guys I totally bojanged that random guy last night.

Heidi: omgz Lauren, I can't believe you bojangled him!
by JohnnyWas January 14, 2008
Verb. (Bow-Jain-Gull)
1.When one testicle hangs lower than another.
2.An old fast-food chicken place.
"Dude, i boned a piece, now i got a nasty bojangle"
by Johny Assfault April 18, 2008

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