The name of a person in Bob Dylan's song Mr. Bojangles. Apparently some sort of hobo who he met in jail in New Orleans.

I knew a man Bojangles and he'd dance for you, in worn out shoes
Silver hair, ragged shirt and baggy pants, that old soft shoe
by Kman the karate kid January 26, 2006
The term bestowed upon a woman with whom you've shared a one night stand, who displayed a spirited sexual performance, but whose name cannot be recalled.

The term was popularized by the song "Bojangles" by Pitbull and Lil' John.
Example 1

"I picked up an amazing lay last night. I forget that bitch's name... anyway, bojangles was off the chain!"

Example 2

Guy 1: "I slept with that chick from the club last night."

Guy 2: "Nice, what was her name?"

Guy 1: "I don't know; but you can call her bojangles, if you know what I mean"
by Alien vs. Sexual Predator March 08, 2009
An upset cab driver in Myrtle Beach, he drives like a crazed maniac while talking on not 1, but 2 cell phones. He also threatens to beat up the patrons in his cab once they arrive at their destination. He hates white people that don't follow the 'Real Talk, no talk' rule.
Jaybirdski: 'Why don't you slow down, you are going to miss our turn you crazy dark cabby!'

Bojangles: 'Shut your fat face you drunk cracka!'

Jaybirdski: 'Slow down before we take your freedom back!'

Bojangles: 'Get out of my cab, I can drink too, I am a man.......WHAT?! WHAT?! One of you white devils need to pay me!!!'
by Harpdizzle June 17, 2008
this word refers to a girl in most cases that has a nice booty
Call that girl Bojangles
by gnat_2010* March 17, 2007
bojangles(bow - jang - gulls) = women's breast. Can also be shortened to bojes (bow-gizz) boobs, tits, breasts, knockers
Wow, that girl has huge bojangles.
by hinch400 June 19, 2006
The nickname for your local pub. A reference to the club "Bojangles" in Melbourne, Australia that was popular in the 1980's. Featured in the film "Chopper" starring Eric Bana playing infamous Australian criminal Mark 'Chopper' Read.
Hey mate whats goin' on tonight?

Nothin much...wanna go down to Bojangles for a few beers?
by Wal_Russ February 25, 2010
A Rap/Hip Hop song performed by Pitbull
"If you don't know her name it's cool call her this:
Jiggy jiggy, call that girl bojangles. "
by MisterCity April 26, 2006

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