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Bohunk originates as a slang/derogatory term directed specifically at those of Bohemian descent. Bohemians are from the region now known as The Czech Republic.
It is the equivalent of calling an Irishman a Mick or a German a Kraut.
Both of my grandparents were 100% Bohemian and used the term "dumb bohunk" all the time.
by BohunkHero1212 April 04, 2009
Originally a rather offensive racial slur describing those of Bohemian descent, now "bohunk" can refer to most any Catholic Slavic immigrant (though it's still offensive).
Greasy bohunks are taking all our jobs away!

The corner store was robbed again. Most be the dirty bohunks.
by tls20 January 08, 2006
In western Canada bohunks are Ukranians
The other team had these two bohunk defensemen, brothers, with too many letters in their names to fit on their sweaters.
by bob July 20, 2003
a derogative term used in the USA for Hungarians and Czechs. I'm Hungarian and it doesn't offend me.
"Look at the bohunk."
by Lesto Presto July 07, 2006
My grandfather came here from Bohemia just after 1900. He use that word frequently when I was a kid. Apparently, the term has been in use for a long time.
"Yak se mash, Bohunk."
by Edor August 07, 2006
White trash. Originally Eastern-European immigrants from BOhemian (Czech Republic) and HUNGarian.
by Bartolomew Jojo Simpson October 16, 2003
A nasty term of derision for Eastern European Caucasians. Sort of Like Nigger is to African Americans or Canadians.
by J. Michael Reiter. August 04, 2003
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