slang term for one from Bohemia.
Many Bohunks migrated to the United States.
by Art Reno June 29, 2003
I am of Bohemian heritage and grew up in Milwaukee WI. Lots of Germans in Milwaukee with all the breweries. High born Germans, who owned much of the city, could be very derogatory to the Central European nationalities. Even low born Germans made comments in my neighborhood. We had so many different CEs living on a 6 block parameter, we had to be careful which bar we walked into alone. Pool stick bar fights could break out easy enough. With a bar/tap on pretty much each corner of the blocks, there was no problem claiming one for your own. They had great names too. Not just the factory beer On Tap sign. We would identify them by the nationality and knew others called us the bohunk tap. There was the kraut tap, the polack etc..

Like other in groups, we'd call each other bohunks. That was ok, but if you ain't one, you'd get pounded. Racist stuff certainly, but back in the day when you've got nothing but dead end blue collar jobs working for the meat packers, tool and die factories or the rough and ready smelting business down in what we called Pig Town, a cold one or 10 each with a sidecar at the end of the day was the way it went. You had to blame someone for your misery.

Still does, which I why I got out.
At the home local tap, 'Hey! What are you krauts doing in here. Why don't you get your ass back to your own place!"
Reply: " Whadda ya talkin about? You invited us down for a game of 9 ball. Stupid bohunks!"
That crazy bohunk went down to the polack bar and got the s&%t beat outta him.

by BohunKTownIsNowHoChunkCasino October 10, 2013
someone who is from the slavic region
"I live next to ahh total bo-hunk
by Ceska August 14, 2003
A Bohunk is the same thing as a bohemian, the bohemians come from the area of Czechoslovakia and are very much German. More or less they are a form of German there are Bohunks and Dragens, etc. I don't know much about the Dragens otherwise. They are influenced some by surrounding areas such as Austria.

By the way we are not hippies were very much different to be quite exact. I'm not saying we hate trees and the earth and life itself or anything but we aren't necessarily planning a huge save the world campaign!
I am from Germany, but I am mainly Bohunk because of what part of Germany I come from.

That is really about me I lived in Germany until I was 15 now I am 17 and I must say that it is still hard to get used to you and your colorful languages, and such. I have been trying out some new clothings and such though. Mom even got me to get plastic like nails quite odd typing this I tell.
by BIOHAZARD, the bohunk June 07, 2009
Baby got bohunk.

I saw this woman, and her bohunk was massive.

Dude, get your bohunk off my seat!
by bohunk September 15, 2010
A babe. A very greasy guy, perhaps one who's balding, with love handles and saddle bags; Lord of the trailer park; the dreamboat all white trash girls hope to marry.
Jerry, the mechanic at Plumber Auto is such a bohunk.
by JayMoo January 18, 2007
A greaseball, macho-man, Italian momma's boy
Used in Sixteen Candles (1984) to describe Sam's mafia connected brother- in-law, "We're all upset you're sister's marrying a bohunk,"
by slynks September 19, 2005

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