Brazilian (Rio de Janeiro) gay slang for fit and muscular man. Now adopted even in North American cities.
What a bofe!
The beach was packed with bofes.
by Pips December 05, 2004
Top Definition
hispanic term for an individual who believes that he/she is hotter and more intelligent than every other person on the planet. this person is often conceited, rude, and way less amazing than they think they are. in fact, they suck. this is a derogatory term.
Cindy is the biggest bofe on the planet, she should go live in London and leave us all alone.
by cindymonster February 25, 2010
Shorten version of "Bye, I love you" - easy, catchy, simple. Life's short already, why spend too much time conveying feelings over long lengthy sentences?
Significant Other: "Bye, I love you"

You: "Boves"
by dkmtran March 09, 2016
same as "both" in the english dictionary..
Bofe of us are going to KFC.
by JK3 May 22, 2003
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