A woman between the ages of 25- 35 when seen through the beer goggles appears to be a cougar. Her mediocrity in appearance is not worthy of cougar status. She has upheld an entry level position for all of her career and her means of transportation is often a Vespa scooter.

She tries her hardest to stick her claws in young stallions but is often shot down several times throughout the evening. She often preys on the drunkest male who in turn believes they have landed a cougar!

She prowls around the bars sippin the ever so classy Budlight Aluminums, which she hands out to her prey like candy on Halloween. Instantly love stricken the drunk male believes he is landing his 1st Cougar. Eager to gloat to his friends this male is reminded that he has indeed settled for a BobCat, the bottom feeder and lowest on the FoodChain
The next morning he awoke with a smile recalling his feat of landing a cougar, only to roll over and shriek at the BobCat in his bed.

She pranced around the bar with the body of a cougar, but the face of a BobCat.
by doubleonenine September 16, 2007
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Bobcat- a cougar that doesn't really want to do anything but makeout and second base; c*cktease cougar; Resembles a wild cat but has little to no wild blood; Often times a married woman that acts unmarried for isolated incidents but in the end stays faithful for the most part
So I am making out with older lady that I thought was a cougar, then the Bobcat puts on her wedding ring right as things are getting interesting.
by Boonedoggle23 April 19, 2009
1) One of the smaller wild felines.

2) A young woman between the ages of 20 and 30 who prefers to date men at least 2 years their junior. Similar to the term "cougar" referring to single women in their 30s and 40s who date much younger men. Bobcats are like young/small cougars ;)
She's 25 going after a 19 year old?? What a bobcat!
by Rellik Uzi August 27, 2010
An upperclassmen female who dates or has a relationship with an underclassman. A two plus grade difference between the couple.
A freshmen and a junior girl. (the primary example)
A freshmen and a senior girl.
A sophomore and a senior.

Me: Wow, what is up with these bobcats prowling the freshmen-sophomore hallways?
Everyone else: IDFK, rite?! LOLZ WIERD
by CollinBukowski March 14, 2011
A cat who's name is Robert
Hey, that is my cat Robert, he is Bobcat.
by Orange-Carrot September 05, 2008
A small 4-wheel drive multi-purpose tractor that, depending on the attached equipment, can be used as a bucket loader, forklift, snowplow, or sweeper.
George will use the Bobcat to load 2 cubic yards of rock into your truck.
by Dan March 07, 2011
A young attractive woman who shows interest in older men.
"Did you hear?Anna Nicole is a total bob cat now?"

"Yeah I noticed when she was eyeing that older man in the wheel chair today at the mall."
by Jay Jay M July 28, 2009
The seats behind the driver and behind shotgun. When calling Bob-Cat you must refer to one side or the other.
Tom: "Dude, i got shotgun."
TK: "Bob-cat back right."
Ian: "Bob-cat back left."
Marcus: "...shit i got bitch."
by T-My May 26, 2006

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