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BOMA stands for
Best of Mates Always
Orinaly from Scotland/Edinburgh etc.
8BOMABITCHES gone wild.
jeni boma (name) etc
by -Jeni October 22, 2006
Boston, Massachusetts.
Me: Where ya going this weekend?
Shelby: To visit my boyfriend in BoMa.
Me: Huh I'd like to bomo in BoMa. Feel free to give Bread my number!
Hannah: I was just reading up about the BoMa tea party!
by AznPrincess June 20, 2009
Stands for Best Of Mates Always, sometimes used with AAF, Always And Forever. Quite chavvy.
Girl 1: How do you know Jenna?
Girl 2: She's my boma.
by Lyndaah September 21, 2006
A shortened nickname for the BOardMAster of an internet discussion board.
"I wonder why BoMa deleted my post?"
by blonde one August 01, 2009
Bored Out Of My Ass
I'm so BOMA working at Crumbs Inc, today I fell asleep while slumping over my chair and staring at my computer
by Chuckles002 March 05, 2009
a slang term for the restaurant Boston Market
"What did you have for lunch today?:
"I went to BoMa!"
"Did you have mac and cheese?"
"Why, yes, I did!"
"Anything else?"
"Why, yes, a young man gave me his phone number."
"Oh BoMa!"
by Grandma Petri August 19, 2009
Boma is what happens to your dog when you give him a rawhide bone. The bitch won't get near you or listen to you. He is in his on little bone world
I gave my dog Osama and nice size raw hide bone, now he is in a BOMA and want have shit to do with any of us. It's a bone coma
by Bald Funeral Guy April 26, 2009
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