Bleedin' Out My Ass. Laughing so hard, that pissing yourself just isn't enough.
"Did you see that girl get thrown out of the limo? That shit was so funny-BOMA!"
by ENigs February 18, 2009
A phrase sometimes shouted whilst shoe shopping by gardeners who wear hotpants in a bid to sound "down with the kids"
Youngster in need of shoes: "Could I have these ones?"

Phil: "Ya they're BOMAS!!"

Youngster in need of shoes "Sigh"
by Bazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz September 01, 2008
A combination word of big and momma. Big Momma. Can be used for either sex.
Woah! Look at that Boma! She is fat!

He is one Boma Bro!
by Dr, Seuss July 20, 2008
An Acronym for "Bureau Of Major Attitudes"....
"Did you see that Chick at the end of the bar gettin' her BOMA on??? She needs her salad tossed badly....."
by Harry Ballzannya June 17, 2005
Stands for Board Off My Ass
Alex - So what's the acronym for board off my ass
Kevin - BOMA
*Both Laugh*
by Stephen Carboni July 30, 2006

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