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3 definitions by AznPrincess

Boston, Massachusetts.
Me: Where ya going this weekend?
Shelby: To visit my boyfriend in BoMa.
Me: Huh I'd like to bomo in BoMa. Feel free to give Bread my number!
Hannah: I was just reading up about the BoMa tea party!
by AznPrincess June 20, 2009
when you unintentionally text someone a blank text message, often occurs while cell phone is in one's back pocket.
Me: Why do you keep sending me blank texts?

Hannah: Oops, my b! Need to stop sitting on my phone and sending those butt texts!
by AznPrincess June 19, 2010
A hook-up session in the a.m., following a drunken encounter the night before. Things have the potential to be somewhat serious, because is a sober act and not run on drunken hormones.
Girl #1: I think he really likes me. We bomo-ed last night, but after waking up we did the morning make-out!

Girl #2: Wow, this could actually lead to a real relationship!
by AznPrincess July 12, 2009