A fucking hysterical guy. For real.
I saw Bob Saget at the comedy club, and he was funny as hell, no shit!
by Justin March 18, 2005
The name of the famous and not so funny comedian Bob Saget, made into a swear word by the late great YouTube star, Turrets Guy.
"Wow you just died AGAIN." " OH, BOB SAGET!!! I HATE CALL OF DUTY!!!"
by THEJOSH1 January 03, 2012
1. To express that something awesome, cool, righteous, and/or incredible. Can also be referred to as "Saget".

2. A phrase to use in the place of "bullshit", "oh shit", or "goddammit", especially handy in school.
The Rangers are gonna win the World Series? Bob Saget!
by bob_saget November 01, 2010
Bob Saget, best known for his role as Danny on "Full House," is the best thing to ever happen to the world. He is a hero to pretty much everyone, but to some students at Hermitage High School in particular. He, along with the legendary Kimi Gibler, is the perfect person. He motivates everyone to be the best that they can be, especially at Fancy Pants Adventure World 2. We would be lost without him and his face on our crappy computers. Long live the Saget.
While sitting on Journalism, Taylor Hudson said, "Ayo Bob Sagety!" when she saw his face on the wall. Mrs. Lindbloom just shook her head and went back to being her usual depressed, 85 year old self.
by fancypantsadventureworld2 May 23, 2009
The tourettes guy often exclaims this. Bob Saget originally starred on the show Full House and became popular again after the Tourettes Guy brought back his popularity.
*while playing pool*
Tourettes Guy knocks a ball on accident.
Tourettes Guy: BOB SAGET
by AnielleDay November 12, 2011
a person who is ugly, not funny, overpaid, and gay
I hate that guy. He is a real bobsaget
by have-a-laugh 69 July 16, 2010
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