Two words mixed together, "bitch ass" and "hoes". Together make boes. Bitch ass hoes.
Guy 1: "Hey check out them boes"
Guy 2: "man they are bitch ass hoes."
by Jeff Lindbeast October 21, 2008
long drawn out converstion with no subject matter
Person 1 "...ummmm maybe...i don't know tired"
Person 2 "this conversation makes no senxe any more, does it even have a purpose?"
1 "senxe i don't think is a word"
2 "you know what i mean, just because my fingers don't work right doesn't mean you can make fun of me! lol"
1 "This conversation boes"
by Venhart November 09, 2007
1. Slang for a pipe's bowl full of marijuana.

2. A way to suggest smoking marijuana to another person.
"Hey Joe, you don't just ho-de bo, ya have to smo de bo."

"'Bout time for a bo."

"Ed, what's the name of the brother in Dukes of Hazzard? Oh yeah, BO!"

"Lo de bo, Flo"
by Director665 January 04, 2011
1. short for boyfriend
2. b.o - body odor (acronym)
1. "Heyy Chelseaaa is that your new bo?!??? :D"
2. EW she has lots of b.o D:
by Penginnokoibito April 05, 2010
Shortened term for Beautiful One. Used when someone thinks that they are the best thing that hit town since sliced bread. Is never a positive term. Can be used when talking about the person in front of them, they will not have any idea that you are talking about them.
OMG, BO is such a dumb ho. I cannot believe that she slept with 50 people last week!
by exAshifter August 26, 2009
before obama.

a time where people were not striving to be a nigger
whiteness is really B.O.
by super saget June 30, 2009
The most beautiful girl you've ever seen. Has lots of friends but they all wish they were her. Everyone copies her style. she gets more and more beautiful, not like Bo Derick that actress who came out the sea in the bond movie with weird braids in her hair looking all average in a plain full costume, puke. Bo has a secret little temper, not so secret!
Bartender: I think you've had too much already Eddington. Come back tomorrow son.
Eddington: Don't make me go Bo on you bro!
Bartender: Here's your Jack 'n lime, I know it's crossfit season.
Eddington: Must know!
If everyone in the world just behaved a bit more like Bo, we'd all shit rainbows and love each other!
by SqueakyPlumMcPumpkin June 12, 2014

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