Body Odor
Yo you fuckin stink like B.O. dude! Go douche your smelly ass you sick fuck.
by twaty February 12, 2003
When your in a taxi and your friend is tryin to hint to you ur weed is so dank its stinkin up the car without the driver.
YO MAN! you smell like mad B.O.

I do? (sniffs his armpits)

NO the other BO!

oh shit! (opens all the windows)
by Fattyblunts392 September 12, 2009
Bo is the girl form the Harry Styles "Dark" fan fiction. Written by Hannah. She is an innocent girl with black hair and blue eyes.
"See you tomorrow night, Bo." Harry winked at Bo and disappeared.
by osnapitzharry_ March 27, 2013
B.O.S is an abbreviation for Big Ol' Softie.

A B.O.S is a guy who pretends to be tough but is actually very sensitive if you can get past his emotionless facade.
Girl #1: I heard he is self-centered and doesn't care about anything but sex.

Girl #2: Nope, Coty is a B.O.S!
by Redchestedbirds July 02, 2011
Booty odor, like a horrendous odor from one's booty.
Person 1: Ashli from A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila had some bad b.o.
Person 2: Body odor?
Person 1: No, booty odor!
by C & A Dynamite December 24, 2007
Short for "blackout," as in drinking entirely too much alcohol, sometimes combined with other substances. Can be used as a verb, a noun, or an adjective. On a scale of 1-10, B.O. stands for all numbers 11 and higher, and is almost always associated with belligerence and depravity. Much like alcohol itself, the term is used heavily in Wisconsin.
Verb: Let's get Rumplemintz and B.O. tonight!
Noun: That kid is a walking B.O. every weekend.
Adjective: I was completely B.O. last night, don't remember anything.
by General Corn Wallace February 18, 2011
Relaxing to it's maximum extent. An extreme form of chilling.
To find ultimate comfort in an environment.
Charlie has a respectable bo. All he does is lay in his bed and watch tv all day long.

Yo dude, my bo is so proper. I have an xbox, a sofa couch, beverages and food, plus I don't have to go to school or work.
by Ludaridindubs January 24, 2010
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