For bigot-obessive. Usually to describe someone who drags in a person or community's name that she hates in any discussion, written or oral. Letters are deliberately used to hark back to triggered bodily metabolism that happens from hating someone too much.
Year 1770. Somewhere in Borneo.

A: The canoe leaked.

B: I hope you told all your friends how awful that tribe is.

A (confused): Which tribe?
B: You know the one who think they are so superior to all us because their women cover up.

A: I didn't tell them.
B: Do so next time you take them down the river.

A: What?
B: How awful their women are.
A: Mind now. You aren't just bigoted or just obsessive - you are double barrelled B-O.
B: That' something very rude to say, to refer to a bodily emission when roll-ons haven't been invented yet.
A: I meant bigot-obesessive. That's what you are.

B: Okay. But tell them next time.

A: The canoe capsized and they all drownded.
#bigot #obsessive #body odour #tribal hate #dress code
by vivaeastafrica February 02, 2011
' When something is just BO '
When you see Tim Maundrell BO!
#bo #tim maundrell #flex #bus #skateboarding.
by Damon Brap. January 03, 2008
a) boyfriend
b) good, nice etc.
by susie September 06, 2003
Barack Obama
#b.o. #barack obama #obamanation #obama #president
by BryceCoolGuy1 February 15, 2009
marijuana, specifically Colombian marijuana. Urban black term from the 70s. Bo is short for Colombo. Can be embellished to "bojangles."
Feel like smokin' some bo?
#pot #weed #herb #ganja #smoke
by Woody Thomas January 04, 2006
another popular meaning of BO from the RTS (real time strategy) gamers world,


Build Order
as in the specific order you build and sell structures in.
If you dont have a good BO or you dont know what one is.. then you are too crap to play with me and my m8s...gg
by Rek August 11, 2004
b·o (bow)

n. pl. bos

1. Exceptionally great concentration, power, or force.
2. The pimp hand of God.
3. Another spelling of a common name, beau.
4. Bo Jackson, a famous pro athlete who played in the MLB and NFL (also see: bo jackson)
5. Usually the most popular kid at school.
6. B.O. or black out, from drinking or smoking too much.
Wow that kid must be a Bo, he is a champ at everything he does!

I am the mother fucken bo!

Hey lets call that hot guy Bo we met last night at the club!

That athlete is amazing, but he is nothing compared to the Great Bo Jackson.

I wish I was like Bo.

Last night was awesome I B.O. after two handles of vodka!
#bo #pimp #power #honor #duty #legion #life #cool #hot #sexy #fun #party #athlete #drinking #night #black #out #guy #name #beau #hand #club #leader #force #chosen #one
by Bo_the_Pimp May 16, 2008
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