verb (Bo'ing; past Bo'd; past part. Bo'd)

1. The art of presenting partially incorect information on a topic which you have little or no expertise in,while giving off the impression of skill in the particular area being discussed. Currently being used in the IT industry by mid-level managers in order to weasel out of business commitments and to avoid being reprimanded.

2. To knowingly present half truths instead of admitting that you simply don't know enough on the topic,even though you should.

Is often done by insecure and incompetent people in order to distract colleagues from that person's own deficiencies.


a person who Bo's.


1. Carsten didn't know how to solve the current problem with their application, so when the senior executive Sarah confronted Carsten with this, he had to Bo her.


"That guy is a total Bo"
1: Hey, how did that important meeting with the customer go that you weren't prepared for?

"Don't worry, I Bo'd the shit out of them"

2: I am not ready for this meeting, I'm gonna have to Bo it.
by Severin Bernadotte September 08, 2006
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B.O, body odour. A nice smelling smell that you get if you don't shower regulary and sweat a lot.
Pronounced as BEE-OH
Woah, who smells of B.O?
by j00l.i.e April 26, 2003
coolest mother fucker ever
damn look at bo
by bo bona June 11, 2003
<noun> Slang abbreviation;

Literally, Body Odour. The smell that it created when bacteria feeds on sweat hence making it stale. Often unpleasant.
SIMON: "Charles, you have B.O. Go and wash your armpits!"
CHARLES: "I have taken your offensive statement and unmitigated imperative into account and have calculated an appropiate answer to your utterance: No."
by Stuart Fletcher January 18, 2005
Yet another slang term for prescription promethazine/codeine cough syrup originating from the Bay Area
"Aye my nigga I want some purple dro"
"Oh fasho, go cop that while I got swoop some bo"
by Dr. Bojangles January 27, 2008
1.another name for a friend
2.put in place of a person's name
Hey bo, what's shakin?
by Becky March 01, 2004
A Bo is strong, handsome, noble, masculine, with a burning disire to succeed. Flexible, but does not break. Extremely capable, knowledgeable, positive, certian, never boastful. An unbreakable will. Bo knows what it takes to win and will push it to the very edge, if thats not enough, Bo will push it over the edge. Bo believes there is no such thing as a second place winner. Easy does it,,,my ass.

French spell as Beau or Biau meaning handsome, beautiful, noble, graceful, elegant, courteous , but like Bo also brave, strong,,, bends, but do not break. Beware, a Bo will snap back with without warning.
The Bo staff, the weapon made from bambo for its strength, speed, and flexibility.

Bo Knows,,,one of the greatest athletics of modern times.

Bo always comes out on top, strong, handsome, smart, fast car, and always get the girl.
by Oneworld February 06, 2010
A person's natural, unaltered odor, particularly that which emanates from one's underarms. B.O. can smell like brie, diesel engine, sukang paombong, or freshly mowed grass, to name a few similar odors. High school locker rooms and frat houses are locales notorious for the smell of lingering B.O.
A wifebeater is an excellent way of showing your sukang paombong B.O. off, since it does not cover your armpits.
by Dylan Dude November 16, 2007

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