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The name of an African boy from a polish elementary school poem.

The poem describes a 10 years school who goes to school and studies all morning but is mischievous when he comes home as he climbs a tree when his mother tells him to drink his milk and that hes afraid to take a bath because he would turn white.

A disco-polo/polish rap music video entitled
Duo Stars - Murzynek Bambo
was made about this poem which features a polish african kid as the main character of the story.
Murzynek Bambo
Murzynek Bambo w Afryce mieszka
czarną maskórę ten nasz kolezka
uczy się pilnie przez całe ranki
ze swej murzyńskiej pierwszej czytanki.

A gdy do domu ze szkoły wraca,
psoci figluje to jego praca,
aż mama krzyczy Bambo łobuzie,
a Bambo czarną nadyma buzię

Mama powiada napij się mleka
a on na drzewo mamie ucieka,
mama powiada choć do kąpieli
a on się boi, ze się wybieli

Lecz mama kocha swojego synka,
bo dobry chłopak z tego murzynka,
szkoda, ze Bambo czarny wesoły,
nie chodzi razem z nami do szkoły.
by shdwslcan April 11, 2009
A person relating to a god or prodigy like character. Often used as slang in games and online. There is only one know existance of a true "Bambo". Bambo is also an adj. and a Noun. and an adverb. Also, a gerund.
Bambo is Bamboing me all over the Bambo. BAMBO!
by The eyes of the world May 08, 2007
Someone who still thinks they are a student and has no technology know how.
I connect my printer via serial - what a Bambos thing to do.

Do you want cheese with that Bambos (Subway) Melt ?
by Petrou Charalambos February 02, 2007
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