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The act of defecating while receiving oral sex and smoking a blunt (similar to a blumpkin)
After Evan and Ed shotgunned some beers, they asked Kristen to give them both a blundy.
by BrasANDKras October 12, 2007
Bloody underpants, from various reasons.
"Hey man check this out!"
"Ew that's gross, get your blundies away from me"

"I sharted myself last night and when I looked there was blood in there, what should I do?!"
"Hahahaha you got blundies!... Go to the doctor."

"You better go check your blundies because your farts don't smell right son."
by tml 4 life December 19, 2013
Slang term for blunder.
"I made a blundy!"

"Yeah I really blundied there, didn't I?"
by saucemonkeys July 29, 2011
undies/panties that are different colors- - red undies would be rundies, black/blue undies would be blundies, etc
girl#1- yeah..today im gonna be getting it on so i got on my blundies
girl#2- ur sexy blundies?
girl#1- hells yeaa
by d3bbie June 12, 2004