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A nickname for someone who has something unfortunate happen to them. The unfortunate incident is usually embarrassing, and always relatively trivial. Example incidents: losing your queen in a game of chess, getting taken advantage of in some way, saying something stupid in front of a large group etc.
Person1: "I locked myself out of the house last name"

Person2: "Hah! Gnome Chumpsky. How'd you get back in?"
#chump #loser #sucker #gullible #fool #blundy #blundycake
by saucemonkeys July 29, 2011
A clown, prankster, jokester. Term originates from the "Jokerman Font" typeface, found predominantly on Windows-based computers.
You're a jokerman. A complete jokerman.
#goober #goof #comedian #clown #prankster
by saucemonkeys July 29, 2011
Slang term for blunder.
"I made a blundy!"

"Yeah I really blundied there, didn't I?"
#mistake #error #blunder #faux-pas #fault
by saucemonkeys July 29, 2011
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