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term used to express disgust
I hopped on the bus and the only available seat was next to a stinky, drunk guy. BLUK! I decided to stand.
by exil March 15, 2008
Bluk is the official language spoken in the West Blucklands, founded by WJ & MD (University of Warwick)

Bluk being the name of the language is also the term used to say 'Yes' and 'Bye'.
Dou yew parlash Bluk? - Do you speak Bluk?

Ok, see you later.. Bye. - Awkaay, say yew latarr.. Bluk!

Common examples of Bluk names are:

Krusstofa - Christopher

Sharlott - Charlotte

Kayteh - Katie

Wulleeum - William
by Keng Bluk! January 17, 2011
excessive stomach fat
"Did you see what Lindsay was wearing today? That tight shirt made all of her bluk hang out!"
by Sterph November 29, 2007
Whan a little vomit comes up in your mouth and you swallow it back down.
When I saw hj's chaloobies I bluked.
by kd September 27, 2004
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