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Bluk is the official language spoken in the West Blucklands, founded by WJ & MD (University of Warwick)

Bluk being the name of the language is also the term used to say 'Yes' and 'Bye'.
Dou yew parlash Bluk? - Do you speak Bluk?

Ok, see you later.. Bye. - Awkaay, say yew latarr.. Bluk!

Common examples of Bluk names are:

Krusstofa - Christopher

Sharlott - Charlotte

Kayteh - Katie

Wulleeum - William
by Keng Bluk! January 17, 2011
term used to express disgust
I hopped on the bus and the only available seat was next to a stinky, drunk guy. BLUK! I decided to stand.
by exil March 15, 2008
Whan a little vomit comes up in your mouth and you swallow it back down.
When I saw hj's chaloobies I bluked.
by kd September 27, 2004
excessive stomach fat
"Did you see what Lindsay was wearing today? That tight shirt made all of her bluk hang out!"
by Sterph November 29, 2007