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4 definitions by Sterph

Fat Upper Pussy Area. Typically seen on obese women, but not uncommon among thick ladies.A FUPA is a "swelling" the area between the vagina and the tummy.
"Your new girlfriend isn't THAT ugly."
"Yeah, but I don't know if I can handle the FUPA."
by Sterph November 29, 2007
Excessive leg (or, more specifically, thigh) fat.
At the gym, Lindsay felt self conscious due to the fact that she knew her lubbuck was hanging over her lycra shorts.
by Sterph November 29, 2007
excessive stomach fat
"Did you see what Lindsay was wearing today? That tight shirt made all of her bluk hang out!"
by Sterph November 29, 2007
Excessive upper arm fat.
Lindsay was reluctant to buy sleeveless shirts because of her cubbage.
by Sterph November 29, 2007