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The act of peeing without the assistance/guidance/aim of your hand
Derrick had to pee, but couldn't use his hands, so he was bluetoothing it.
by Carbohydrate James March 01, 2011
The act of sending a picture of yourself to an unknown bluetooth device, in the hope that the recipient is:
1} attractive
2) Attracted to you.
It is a contrast of being on a blind date.
Blue-toothing is generally used on trains and busses.
"I met bobby via blue-toothing"

"I heard about Blue-toothing in a magazine, and I decided to give it a try, and I sent that picture of me, you know the one where I'm wearing my nurses outfit?, I sent it to the guy with the bluetooth name <<xxJimmyxx>>, hoping it was the rather fitt guy who was sat infront of me on the bus... well it was. and we got talking... and OH MY GOD! {girlish rant about nothingness}
by Nitrosamine November 21, 2007
When someone is talking on a wireless cell phone. The term is usually used if you are wondering if someone is talking on their cell phone or if they are a strange person talking to themselves.
Most likely that homeless person was mumbling to himself and not Blue Toothing.
by Nathan Tiberius1 December 02, 2007
the act of using a urinal without holding onto your penis
I was in the bathroom, at the urinal, and there was some guy in there "blue-toothing" it with his hands in his coat pockets.
by Dude Nurse June 01, 2012
doing something hands-free.
"dude, did you wash your hands after you pissed?"
"no need--i bluetoothed it"

i pick up stuff with my toes just to show off my bluetoothing abilities.

that guy crashed his bike cause he was bluetoothing. what a tool.
by breeves84 March 07, 2009
The social act of exchanging files, information, and what else is in your mobile phone or PDA through the use of bluetooth} file transfer technology.
Joe: Hey guys, what do you think of this?
Jane and Jill: Don't disturb us. Don't you see we are bluetoothing?
by Mac Manchego July 07, 2008