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A bluth Is a person who wastes another persons time or does something to waste time. The person who wastes the time can be called a bluth and the bluth can be wasting time knowingly or unknowingly. Still, they are all annoying!
Person 1: Hey man, can you give me the answer to number 24?
Person 2: Funny, the number 24 actually originated in the...
Person 1: Never mind! I fucking hate bluths.
by Pouncer400 March 08, 2016
The usage of a bluetooth device.
I will "Bluth" you later.
When i go for walks i like to "bluth" my friends.
Do you like your new "Bluth"?
"Bluth" me when you are free.
Give me a "bluth".
You are a such a "Bluther" (addicted to bluetooth device)
by love to bluth. April 15, 2011
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